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Menstruation and Exercising Manasvi Dholakia

Getting out of your cozy comforters and leaving your warm heating pad in its midst, to go exercise on your period is far from anyone’s definition of fun. A light round of exercise during your period, as torturous as it may sound, is one of the most effective scientifically backed methods to help ease dysmenorrhea.

“When you do some physical activities, you’re focused on what you’re doing and less on your cramps, also it can help to feel healthier and less fatigued during my period”

A light workout helps you stretch out your muscles and is almost always effective in diverting your mind from cramps. As Nietzsche famously said, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Menstruators generally feel lighter and more relaxed post-workout and a glass of water. People are aware of the immense discomfort cramps cause to menstruators. We often wonder how female athletes deal with cramps.

We’ve already discussed how exercising can help a menstruator, but what about those who exercise daily. Those who refuse to let their period stop them from playing a sport they love?

 “It’s not that much of an issue unless it starts to pain badly, but I am used to it so it’s fine”

Cramps can hit you at any time of the day, (or not at all if you’re lucky) but female athletes have adapted to dealing with cramps while playing their sport. Their muscles are loose and they generally don’t experience bad cramps while playing, but there are always other fears. Athletes bring themselves to overcome the lethargy often brought on by PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome), and work their way through their days. The constant thought of leaking out while playing plagues the mind of almost every female athlete.

Menstruation is a completely natural process and the sports world has adapted to it, switching regimes for female athletes during their cycles if needed. Your period is nothing to be ashamed of, quite the contrary. Periods are stigmatized in our society and we need to adapt to reality and overcome the outdated mentality of menstruation being something to be whispered about.

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