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More Than Technology By Ishita Desai

Why your support is necessary and technology alone isn’t enough?

In our local sanitation plant, the workers are provided with a piece of functioning machinery for the proper disposal of sanitary napkins in an eco-friendly manner. Yet the machine sits in a little corner and collects dust, why is this so?


The disposal of sanitary pads is especially difficult, the addition of blood, used disposables become dangerous for a city corporation. They cannot be humanly handled by garbage collectors as they contain a cocktail of materials including cotton, a super-absorbent polymer, and a whole lot of plastic.


This is where the sanitary napkin destroyers come into play. The destroyer burns the sanitary napkins and reduces them into micro ash, which is collected in the inbuilt ash-tray. There is also an emission outlet at the top of the incinerator for pushing out the fumes developed during the incineration. These machines produce significantly lesser fumes and emissions than the average incinerator.

The machinery requires a certain quantity of pads as input to be operated safely. Unfortunately due to the unwillingness of menstruators in the residential area to segregate their waste and to properly wrap their pads/tampons in a newspaper, there aren’t enough pads to work the machine. If the workers wish to operate the machine they will need a significant amount of sanitary napkins, for which they’d need to segregate the waste by hand. This is incredibly unhygienic and poses a threat to the workers’ health.


Now, how do we plan to solve this problem?


The Red Lotus plans to distribute sanitary napkin disposal packets. The packets are made by us and will be distributed to the menstruators in our immediate locality. This will make the disposal of pads much easier and encourage them to segregate better. It will also ease the burdens of the sanitation workers!

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