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Become A Donation
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Atyantika Mookherjee

Atyantika Mookherjee


Voracious reader, a budding writer and dreadful singer – Hi, I’m Mishti. Nice to meet you.

I’m 16, a philosophy junkie (No, I am NOT a nihilist), and an absolute beast when it comes to world capitals. However, the same cannot be said about my dancing skills.

As a citizen of the world, I make a conscious effort to stay up to date with the happenings the world. As a citizen of India, I try to remain aware about my country’s happenings, and as a citizen of my community, I also try to do the same.

However, I am afraid that I am just too inconsequential to tackle problems that I feel the first two face. My community, on the other hand, is a good place to start.

And this was how The Red Lotus project started.

With a sentiment of change accompanied with a grim sense of determination, I hope to achieve a tangible change when it comes to women’s health and hygiene through my role as co-founder and director of this organisation. I hope to at least leave a mark in the hearts of a few women, if not the world. I hope to make a change not only in my lives, but in others. See? Told you I wasn’t a nihilist.