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Become A Donation
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Ishita Desai

Ishita Desai


PMS jokes aren’t funny, period. But I am.


Hi, I’m Ishita, and other than being the designated funny friend I’m also an avid anime fan and manga reader. I also have my own podcast! I’m a 16-year-old wannabe writer, with an insatiable need to read Fantasy novels.


After reading way too many YA books, the concept of bringing a change in society attracted me like a moth to a flame and the only thing I needed was a cause that I was passionate about. I found that in The Red Lotus project.

Women already face far too many hardships in this patriarchal society, menstrual stigma is just another burden they’re forced to carry.

Maybe I alone cannot bring down the patriarchy, but I know that WE, together, can help our communities deconstruct this age-old stigma against women menstruating.